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Marcus Pickett is primarily a conservation biologist specialising in terrestrial ecosystems.  He has around 25 years professional involvement in biodiversity conservation in southern South Australia, mostly in the Mount Lofty Ranges.  Ecological services he offers include flora and fauna survey, monitoring, research and management, with an emphasis on threatened species and conservation outcomes.  Marcus has extensive experience working for and engaging with a broad range of non-government and government stakeholders.  Wide-ranging professional and private field experience has provided him with a comprehensive knowledge of the landscapes, environments and ecological attributes of southern South Australia.


  • BAppSc (Environmental Science).
  • Licence for Teaching, Research or Experimentation Involving Animals (Animal Welfare Act).
  • A Class (Bird) Banding Authority (Mist Net Endorsement).
  • Category 7 (Contract Shooter) Class AB Firearms Licence.
  • Kangaroo Field Processors Firearms Proficiency Accreditation (TAFE SA).
  • Scientific research, wildlife ethics, and other permits/approvals as required.
  • Fully insured.